Monday, April 2, 2012

It's already an e- book !

The English language is changing rapidly ! Who'd expect a word like KINDLE, which according to the dictionary is "to light, inflame, set on fire",to be used in connection with electronic books.
Each time I've travelled by train recently, someone near me has been reading their e book on a kindle !

AND my own book, ENJOYING LATER LIFE, and on Amazon, can already be bought as an e book, even before the paper-back version is out.
I am told that already there are lots in the USA who are reading it !

This is not the same world as when I published my book called ENJOYING BEING SINGLE ( which actually I wasn't. The publishers changed the title from COPING WITH BEING SINGLE.) That was over 30 years ago !

Now I can announce the publication date - 19th April !
Hope you enjoy it yourself or give it to your mums and aunts and grandmums !
More in a few days, if the Easter break allows it

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