Wednesday, April 11, 2012

They are reading my book in the States !

Easter's over, the Sound of Music rehearsals are getting serious, and its publication time for my latest book ENJOYING LATER LIFE. Its now available on Kindle and my publishers tell me that on one agreed weekend they can let anyone download my book for free.This happened and the numbers are amazing. 352 people in the USA and 64 in Britain did that and are now reading my book !
Here's a few facts - a mini press release if you like
TITLE Enjoying Later Life
AUTHOR Elspeth Jackman
PRICE paper back £7.99
CHARACTER OF BOOK , Humorous, with practical advice, from a Christian point of view, lots of personal examples. ( Yes you'll know me quite well, warts and all if you read this ! )
WHO WILL ENJOY IT ? The fair sex over 55, and probably the men who get hold of a copy
DEEPER ISSUES TOUCHED ON Bereavement, loneliness, old mental baggage
LIGHTER ISSUES TOUCHED ON How far should you stay lo
oking young, be generous to yourself.
COMMENTS Nice ones from Pam Rhodes - se
e previous blog.

I now look forward to the postman. I really long to hold one of these bright red and orange babies in my hand !

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