Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quizzed on radio

Hi there,
On Sunday's '~Faith Alive', that's the Radio Verulam programme between 2 and 4 in the afternoon on Sunday 29th April,, I am put in the firing line for a change.  Instead of interviewing others, I submit to the interrogation of someone else ! No, I exaggerate, it's not the Star Chamber. Guy Marshall, manager of the Christian bookshop in St.Albans for over 30 years and now just retired, asks all the questions you would like to ask about

There has been a minor hiccup on the delivery of the books, but do order yours now, either at www.onwardsandupwards.org or on Amazon. You can ask the St.Albans Cathedral bookshop and Waterstones in St.Albans when they will stock it.  If you are local, you can email me at emjackman@talktalk.net and arrange to collect one from my home, and I'll sign it for you. At the moment, the ones I have are going like the proverbial hot cakes !

Whew ! And next week I'm on stage  every night at the Arena in the Sound of Music. Who said that later life is a bit boring !


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