Friday, April 6, 2012

Pam Rhodes likes my book

Hi there,
My book ENJOYING LATER LIFE, has a publication date - 19th April, from the publisher, although it is available now on Kindle through Amazon.

Very kindly, Pam Rhodes, herself an author, and presenter of the BBC's Songs of Praise for over 20 years, has read my book.

Here are some of her comments:
" I think the book is superb- very practical and inspirational.
Her book is a beguiling mixture of practical advice and spiritual celebration, along with a healthy dose of humour, a pragmatic approach to health and ill health, tolerance and understanding about situations and people we can't change or control - and a determination that in body, mind and soul, we make every moment coun
t !

Have a lovely Easter. Full press release coming after the weekend.

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