Thursday, April 19, 2012

You can buy my book NOW !

The van pulled into my drive. A box appeared in my porch. Then another, and another. As you see above, my book ENJOYING LATER LIFE has arrived and is now in paperback for real !
As Pam Rhodes says, "it's a beguiling mixture of practical advice and spiritual celebration."

If you read it, you'll find you know a lot about me, and you'll laugh at my mistakes. You'll also gather my strong belief that we who may have just passed middle age are "in our prime" to (mis) quote Miss Jean Brodie, and have a valuable perspective on life and an immense contribution to give society.

If you are local, why not email me at to arrange to come and get a copy from me personally.(signed of course) Or ask at Waterstones Bookshop, St.Albans, or at St.Albans Cathedral bookshop. It's priced at £7.99 You can order it on line at, or get it on kindle at Amazon.

It's an easy read. Treat yourself !


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  1. A perfect gift for friends or family.
    Fathers day perhaps?