Friday, March 30, 2012

The Sound of Music and Nerves !

Hi there,
The exciting news is that my book ENJOYING LATER LIFE, has now gone to print You can look it up on the or on Amazon and pre-order if you like.

However, life has other challenges. From April 30th to May 5th the ST.ALBANS OPERATIC SOCIETY is presenting THE SOUND OF MUSIC in the Alban Arena, and I have a cameo part - the brusque housekeeper to the Von Trapp family, Frau Schmidt.

We are now into rehearsal in a big way. However, to my shame, although I had spent hours learning my few lines at home, first time in front of everybody I went blank several times. My only comfort is that even professional actors and singers have nerves.

Take BOBBIE CHATT, for instance. We are privileged to have Bobbie singing all the evening performances of Maria in the show. Bobbie is a former professional actress, even singing in the national tour of Les Mis. ( see the photo above ). She is also a West end agent, artistic director of 'Brilliant Productions' and principal of Moonglow Dance Studios in Watford.

And, she whispers to me, she also suffers with nerves !

If you tune in to Radio Verulam, our local community radio station for West Herts, on 92.6FM or on line at on Easter Sunday, you will be able to hear all about her and her music. Bobbie is my guest on
TRACKS OF YOUR LIFE from 10 to 12 April 8th, EASTER SUNDAY.

That's enough of my doings for now. I must just say that I am delighted that all my 12 piano exam candidates got either merits or distinctions. I am happy.

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