Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Great Cover Debate

As you see from my painting commissioned by a lady for her kitchen, I just love colour, especially warm reds, brilliant oranges and golden yellows. so you can imagine the debate I'm having with my publishers just now about the cover of my book ENJOYING LATER LIFE, coming out in May (
I really am having a creative few years so I don't want pastels, lavender and a delicate "old maid" look to this cover, as it represent me, now. So I look forward to continuing this great cover debate with my publishers. ( Very amicably, I can assure you)
The look of the cover is the first thing potential readers will see. Actually one of my chapters is called "what you see influences you " and I'm thinking about drab versus bright surrounds ,and I'm thinking about what we choose to see on the big or small screen. Sight is a strong medium for the memory. I personally only want to have stuff in there that is wholesome and honouring to the God I believe in.
Talking of God, I have another creative job just now. I'm producing a radio drama - passion play of scenes from the life of Christ leading up to his death and resurrection. Just this afternoon I've had a group of Harpenden actors stuffed into my small studio. The final result will be on Radio Verulam 92.6 or on the website, on Good Friday morning at 9.00am and the actual stage version will progress through the streets of Harpenden on Saturday 7th April. Radical stuff !
More in a few days

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