Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Grandma !

As from the eyes of a new mum                    
In honour of Elliana Rose, from her grandma, Elspeth Jackman

Seven days old.
You are so tiny, so fragile, so vulnerable,
But your little body pulsates with life.
I just want to spend time looking at you.

Seven days old.
You with the long expressive fingers of a violinist,
And eyes, revealed through the slits like large blue marbles
I am absorbed in baby-gazing.

Seven days old.
Do I dare to leave you alone and make a cup of tea?
Do I dare to join you and go to sleep?
I must trust.  It’s not just my admiration that keeps you alive.

Seven days old.
I will trust.
You are entrusted to me.
And I will trust God
As I too am a child, a child of my Father in heaven,
And He looks after me.

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