Friday, June 8, 2012

Colour,a party and a launch of the book

Hi there,
This is a painting of my back garden with its two old apple trees, the sundance choisir, and the juniper creeping across. However, as you see, I decided to have a lot of fun with colour, after the style of David Hockney !
I find it difficult to get away from an orangey-red.  I wear clothes that colour, and the cover of my new book ENJOYING LATER LIFE, is shockingly bright !
Talking of my new book, I have a big friends and family launch of it tomorrow at my birthday party !. I have even invited one of my friends, who is a Christian mime artist, story teller and clown, to bring his unicycle, like the cartoon on the front cover of the book !  I can see we're going to have fun.
Other colourful aspects of my life continue. Radio Verulam is at the heart of St.;Albans festival, and even I will be presenting an hour of Faith Alive, LIVE on Sunday 17th at  2.00pm. so if you're local , come and have a chat !
Enjoy the day, despite the rain !

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