Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Complicated Week !

This week has involved SITTING
SITTING  waiting for the new batch of my book Enjoying Later Life, which did NOT come the day it was supposed to !
SITTING in the dentist's chair while he struggled to extract all the bits of my tooth.
SITTING under the stage of St.Albans Arena with 30 plus nuns, waiting nervously to make my entrance in the Sound of Music, as the redoubtable Frau Schmitt, crusty old housekeeper to the Von Trapp family. Actually the whole involvement with the show was great. We did it eight times and everyone seemed to love it. NB if you look at the photo below, remember that I am playing a character part !
There was also time to PRAY for people who wanted healing 
To REJOICE that Ann Widdecombe is reading my book

And if you haven't considered it yet, ENJOYING LATER LIFE is to encourage those a little bit over middle age to be proud of themselves, to be fruitful, to live to the full. You can get it on Amazon, in paper back or Kindle, or you can order it from the publishers, 
ps and I did have time to present 4 hours of programming on Radio Verulam 92.6 fm  or 

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