Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Talks Time !

Hi there,
Holidays will soon be over and then I get on my own band waggon to encourage the " not quite so young" that they are special, different, and in their prime !  Miss Jean Brodie, you were 40 years too early !
I've got quite a few sessions lined up when I'm invited to talk about my book ENJOYING LATER LIFE . The curious thing is that most of them are on Thursdays, either afternoons or evenings.  Is Thursday invisibly labelled as the day for the MORE MATURE ?
Where shall I start ? Oh a little about me, now a widow for 11 years, and then chatty stories about my minor escapades, and what I'm doing now, and then how they can actually be really useful to God as they are. This is an exercise to build up esteem.
Of course I hope a few might buy my book. I shall have some with me at a special discount as pensions don't always go far enough. For everyone else it's available at the publishers Onwardsand and  Amazon. Apparently the kindle books are selling better than the paperbacks.
I might take a few of my paintings. The other day I actually painted outside in the garden. See below. It's not meant to be an exact likeness. I had fun with it and the shape of the leaves and painted it over blocks of colour.
Hope you are enjoying life, whether earlier, middle or later.

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