Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hi there,

You might be wondering about the story behind these

random abstract paintings. I have recently been painting in a different way, and did have lots stacked up at home. Now who’s going to give good money or even silly money for paintings at this time of universal cuts ?

I want my paintings to give pleasure to others and I’m working on this. So far I have been able to get a collection on the walls of the Age Concern hall, near St.Peter’s Church St.Albans and apparently the senior citizens who meet there are delighted.


But I promised you more details of my up and coming book ! What’s the subject ?

It could be the 57 most embarrassing moments of my life, like the time just before taking a degree finals paper, I walked into the men’s loo !

It might be the 38 worst moments of my life, like my interview with the Duke of Edinburgh in Buckingham Palace.

Or it could be the 72 most special moments in my life, like when I got engaged to David, or saw him instantly healed by God of a major stroke, or when I interviewed Cliff Richard, or when my daughter got married last year.

But it isn’t. It’s more to do with my life now, and how I am actually really enjoying it. MORE IN A FEW DAYS TIME


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